Jentel Artist Residency Application Guidelines

Application Open/Close  All application materials, including contact information, resume, and work sample are completed online through Submittable: 

Winter/Spring Sessions (with notification by November 15th)
For month-long residencies taking place January 15th – May 13th
Open February 1st
Close September 15th at midnight (MST)

Summer/Fall Sessions (with notification by March 15th)
For month-long residencies taking place May 15th – December 13th
Open October 1st
Close January 15th at midnight (MST)

ELIGIBILITY Residencies are intended as professional development opportunities for visual artists in all creative disciplines and writers in creative non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. Proposals for self-directed, creative residencies must be compatible with available working studio spaces, facilities, and resources. Artistic merit and promise are the basis for selections. Mature as well as emerging artists are encouraged to apply. Individuals enrolled in a degree program at the time of application are ineligible for residency. Artists and writers over 25 residing in the United States and US citizens abroad are eligible. Four visual artists and two writer residencies are awarded each session. 

DURATION OF RESIDENCY All residencies start on the 15th of each month and end on the 13th of the next month. No exceptions, please.

CHARACTER STATEMENTS: During the review process, Jentel may message applicants for contact information for three individuals who know them personally (on a day-to-day basis through work, living, travel, or studio experiences) and are familiar with their creative work habits and their ability to engage collegially in small groups. Jentel will be considering these applicants for a residency award. Submittable will generate an email to the three individuals with a link to submit a brief character statement on behalf of the applicant. (Jentel does not accept statements from Inter-Folio.)

AWARDS A rotating panel of experts and professionals in the arts and humanities independently reviews applications and supporting materials. Final awards of residencies are at the discretion of Jentel. In some instances, artists and writers are invited to participate without submitting an application.

COUPLES Couples who are artists or writers may apply individually with the understanding that one partner may be accepted and the other may not. Each artist or writer accepted for a residency will be offered a separate studio or workspace. Jentel is unable to invite spouses or partners to accompany artists in residence under any other circumstances.

COLLABORATORS Collaborators may be accepted for a residency; however, both need to submit separate applications along with a joint proposal. Please indicate in the proposal the requirements for the workspace.

REAPPLICATION After five years have lapsed; previous residents may reapply for a residency by submitting a new application with new work and new character statement contacts. Artists who have applied previously may reapply by submitting a new application and a new work sample.

LOCATION The Jentel Artist Residency Program is located on a 1000-acre plus working cattle ranch 20 miles southeast of Sheridan (Population 19,095). Set in the rolling sage hills along Piney Creek, numerous buildings cluster one of the original ranch houses which serve as a reception center.  Spectacular views of the Big Horn Mountains are set against an ever-changing backdrop of light and sky. 

FACILITIES Residencies provide time, space, and facilities for research, experimentation, and production of work and ideas in the visual and literary arts. Residents are at liberty to structure their own time and activity. They may choose to maintain their privacy or to engage with other residents and activities at Jentel. Each resident is offered separate living accommodations and workspace. Large well lighted studios are equipped with running water and adequate light for late work. Writers need to bring their own writing materials and laptops. Areas inside and outside are reserved for residents. Common spaces include a library, a recreation area, and a great room. A large kitchen adjacent to the living area may be used for food and meal preparation. A monthly stipend is provided to help defray personal expenses.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT  A monthly stipend of $400 is awarded to residents. The stipend is distributed in four separate installments at the end of each week in residence. Residents are responsible for their own personal living expenses, food and beverage, supplies, telephone charges, and any expenses related to the production of work during the residency. Travel and shipping expenses to and from the Jentel Artist Residency Program are also the responsibility of the resident.

FEES: There are no fees charged for the residency. The receipt of a $100 reservation deposit is due within two weeks of notification of the residency award and confirms the residency. The reservation deposit is returned during orientation at the residency. When an artist or writer cancels a residency reservation less than two months prior to the beginning of the residency, they waive the return of the reservation deposit.

CHILDREN Accommodations for children and family members are not provided.

PETS Pets are not allowed at Jentel.

VISITORS Accommodations for visitors are available in Sheridan, 20 miles northwest of Jentel.

SMOKING  Jentel is a smoke-free environment.

PRIVACY All application materials and work samples are confidential and retained for use of the Jentel Artist Residency Program only.

COMMUNITY Although no services are expected of residents during their stay, interaction within the community is welcomed and graciously supported.

Please see the Application/FAQs on the website:


Please prepare the following work samples: 

  • Representative of genre planned for residency.
  • Best writing completed in past two years.
  • Include the title of the manuscript and date of completion on a cover sheet.
  • EXCLUDE NAME on the cover sheet, all manuscript pages, and the file name.
  • Double-spaced, numbered manuscript pages in 10 to 12pt type.
  • Maximum of 20 pages for fiction and creative nonfiction sample.
  • Maximum of 10 pages for the poetry sample.
  • Work sample is a Mac/PC compatible file.

You may begin your application, leave and return as many times as necessary to complete the form PRIOR to clicking the submit button at the bottom of the completed form. Important: do not submit your application form until you are completely finished editing as your application will be finalized at that time.


Please prepare the following work samples: 

New media and new genre artists (filmmakers, video artists, installation and multimedia artists) may submit one of the following to represent their work:  

  • Video Work Sample: 5 minutes max. of time-based work. Submit video file.
  • Image Work Samples: 10-20 digital images 
  • Work completed in the past two years. 
  • Description of fewer than 50 words contextualizing the work.
  • No PowerPoint  
  • Maximum of 2MB for each file. 
  • Required image data: title, media, dimensions, and date completed
  • Work samples must be Mac/PC compatible. 
  • Time-based work? See FAQs Ready to Apply

You may begin your application, leave and return as many times as necessary to complete the form PRIOR to clicking the submit button at the bottom of the completed form. Important: do not submit your application form until you are completely finished editing as your application will be finalized at that time.

Jentel Artist Residency